Past Projects

1. Protection and safeguarding of the Cultural Heritage in the Republic of Macedonia:
– Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic Towns and Fortresses (from the 7th to the 1st centuries BC),
– From urban Towns to Late Antique Fortresses (from the 1th to the 6th centuries AD),
– Christian Sacral and Profane Buildings (from the 4th to the 9th centuries AD),
– Mediaeval Urban Centres and Fortresses (from the 6th to the 14th centuries AD),
– Mediaeval Churches and Monasteries (from the 9th to the 14th centuries AD),
– Islamic Culture (from the 15th to the 20th centuries AD).

2. The extension of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia to the north, in the territory of today’s Republic of Macedonia.

3. Implementation of NewStandards and Technologies in Archaeology in Republic of Macedonia, a Brittish Embassy funded project.

“The project, whichfocussed on non-destructive archaeological techniques and their role in cultural resourcemanagement, was a collaborative endeavour between the Macedonian non-governmentalorganisation, Macedonian Centre for Archaeological Research (MACAR), The Museum of Skopje, The National Conservation Centre and the Ministry of Culture for Macedonia.Support from Britain was provided by The Landscape Research Centre, The Dept of Archaeology University of Leeds, The Institute of Archaeology University CollegeLondon and RESCUE – The British Archaeological Trust. Other UK institutions,charities and local government agencies, namely English Heritage, Wessex Archaeologyand the Historic Environment sections of North Yorkshire and Surrey County Councilscontributed aid in kind by allowing members of their staff to take leave to be discussantsat a seminar series on Heritage Management held in Skopje in April 2007.”

R. Thorpe,

Current Projects

1. Archaeological Cadastre of the Republic of Macedonia (in cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje with the museums and with the institutes for the Protection of Cultural Monuments)

2. Publishing of the Corpus of old Towns and Fortresses in the Republic of Macedonia

3. Paeonian Stars – Search for the Civilisation of the ancient Kingdom of Paeonia

4. Organizing Educational center for the promotion of archeology and organization of archaeological schools, and organizing study and research visits of students and researchers from the Republic of Macedonia and the world

5. The Valley of the Kings, along the river Bregalnica from Shtip to the estuary in the river Vardar (ancient Axius)

Planned Projects

1. Archeological tourism – archaeological tourist highways – the valley of the river Vardar

2. Search for Pelagonia – the highest ancient city in Europe – the capital of the Kingdom of Pelagonia

3. Protection of the human environment – cleaning the archaeological sites from all types of modern pollution – focus on the valley of the river Vardar